Set Body Fairing White Honda PCX 125/150 2010-2013

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Genuine Spare Part Honda PCX 125 and 150

Models 2010 2011 2012 2013

Set Includes 10 Genuine Parts Honda PCX

Color Pearl Himalayas White Honda Ref: NHA87P

Parts Under Windshield 64305 KWN-900 Sold Separately


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Set Body Fairing White Honda PCX 125/150

Original Part Honda OEM

Sold in its original packaging

The kit includes references:

61100-KWN-900 Front fender

64501-KWN-900 Front Cowling Right

64502-KWN-900 Front Cowling Left

64431-KWN-900 Cowling Under Right Side

64432-KWN-900 Cowling Under Left Side

83500-KWN-900 Rear Fairing Right

83600-KWN-900 Rear Fairing Left

84150-KWN-900 Rear Cover Upper

64337-KWN-900 Panel Meter

64338-KWN-900 Cover Meter Panel

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